Laundry Room


It’s late, and we have a long drive. The exhaustion of a newborn’s erratic sleeping schedule coupled with an emotionally draining evening has taken their toll on us both. Still, for a man who can wait without complaint in a J.Crew dressing room while I waver between lavender and magenta sidewalk skimmers, this sudden lapse in patience takes me by surprise. He instantly regrets his tone, and too exhausted to be angry, I opt for angsty and passive aggressively insist on driving if he is so tired. My chest tightens... Read The Rest →

Swinging Door Makeover


Had a couple hours and some chalkboard paint on our hands, so Hubbs gave this guy a makeover: Now that you know this week’s dinner menu, you’re totes welcome to join us. Especially if you have serious chalk skills, like this guy fromĀ Astor House:  

They Don’t Love You Like I Love You


Most days, when I’m not doing laundry, changing diapers, or trying to squeeze in a shower, I just lie next to you in our comfy bed while you sleep. I watch your chest rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall. Still breathing. You furrow your brows, stretch out a wrinkled arm, then smile and relax. I wonder what kind of dreams such a new life can have. Dreams of heaven maybe. I can’t describe what your existence has done to us, but feels a bit like every dream... Read The Rest →

Wednesday Morning

Today, Ryan gets up at 6:30. I hear his alarm, but I have no intention of waking. I roll over and let it fade into the back of my consciousness. I barely feel his lips brush my forehead, but it makes me smile. He sits there for a moment, then sets off down the hall to get ready for work. My face hasn’t seen a lick of makeup in 48 hours, my nose is rubbed raw from a steady barrage of tissues – a futile attempt at combating seasonal allergies,... Read The Rest →

Living and Dining


Ryan and I house-hunted for MONTHS, and made offers on half a dozen properties before finally snagging our home. Built in 1947 with the same owner since 1954, outdated took on new meaning. I’m happy to say the shag carpet and JCPenny drapes met their match and are now peacefully resting in the junkyard in the sky. (Actually, we recycled them. We’re so GREEN!) It’s still very much a work in progress, and nothing compares to the bathroom nightmare, but here are a few before and after shots:

Valentine’s Day Love

stack of books

Ryan’s bike got a flat yesterday, and since it’s his only mode of transportation, I offered to drive him to work. As we sleepily pull out of the driveway at 7AM, Ryan gestures toward the yard. Packages line our front walk clear up to the porch. At first, I think Ryan must have something romantic up his sleeve for Valentine’s, and he’s just acting coy. When he insists he has no idea, I get out of the car and discover the SWEETEST, most thoughtful Valentine’s Day surprise. A dozen friends... Read The Rest →

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